About MacLevi Projects Limited

We are wholly indigenous company seeking prospects in the building services sector, fast moving consumer goods sector as well as oil and gas sector.

Our team of Professional Project Managers and Engineers are eager and competent to provide sustainable solutions to our clients.

We have successfully delivered design projects spanning concept to detailed engineering as well training and manpower development programs on subjects such as Project Management, Mechanical Engineering Design and Piping Engineering.

Through our graduating students empowerment programme, we have produced students who are now gainfully employed in various companies.

We have capabilities to offer services in the following areas;

  • Building Services (Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Consultancy)
  • Process Plant Design Consultancy
  • Engineering Management Consultancy
  • Project Management Consultancy


To become the foremost Pan-African organisation providing project management and engineering services.


To consistently provide excellent services to our clients.


A typical MacLevi personnel is committed to being competent in his duties, being accountable to stakeholders and dealing with all in integrity while pursuing excellence in every assignment.


MacLevi, a wholly indigenous company seeking prospects in building services sector, fast moving consumer goods sector as well as oil and gas sector.

We are committed to deliver the best solutions to our clients at a very competitive price and within schedule. Hence, we have established a robust Quality Management System in line with ISO 9001:2015 and set appropriate quality objectives at relevant functions.

We embrace a culture that ensures continuous improvement of our Quality Management System to enhance quality performance and customer satisfaction.

We are committed to delivering a service that meets our compliance obligations including the requirements of interested parties and customers:

To this end, our objectives at MacLevi Projects Limited are:

• To develop an innovative and cost-effective solutions.

• To enhance employee performance and competence through good working conditions and appropriate training.

• To measure, monitor and control schedule and cost related to our service provision.

All employees are required to be aware of the relevant sections of the QMS relating to their responsibilities within the organization and they shall report any situation with adverse effect on this Corporate Quality Policy and its objectives.

The Managing Director has ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy within the Business and will review the Policy as when the need arises.

Managing Director


MPL- MGT- PL-0001
MPL-QMS- PCR-014 Rev:001

MacLevi Projects Limited is committed to Community Affairs,  Safety, Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) by ensuring that safety is an integral part of the work performed by the organisation, taking reasonable measures to minimize the effect of any operation to the host community, minimizing injuries at the workplace and preventing damage to the environment.